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  • Youtube Clip of Dr. Green's new 80-minute Play Therapy DVD!

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    Eric J. Green, PhD

    80 minutes (DVD): Released 2013 

    (Students and clinicians receive $100 off total price.)

    Jungian Play Therapy and Sandplay with Children delivers an overview of play therapy from the Jungian—or analytical—perspective and instructs how to incorporate sand play with children into clinical practice. The video details the need for practitioners to develop a “safe and protected space” to allow children to individuate, becoming whole psychological individuals. Dr. Green demonstrates two primary techniques for strengthening children’s emotional connections: modeling a symbolic attitude and executing well-timed verbal interpretations. He then discusses key terms and constructs, and illustrates microcounseling concepts directly related to Jungian play therapy. In the first case demonstration an adolescent creates mandalas and uses expressive art therapy techniques to share her emerging personality and internal feelings. In the second demonstration, an elementary school-aged child freely creates a fairy tale through sand play, illustrating the archetypal symbols and myth that correlates to her current psychological development. Dr. Green concludes with an analytical summary of how images and the associated feeling tones imprinted upon the psyche through sand play, symbols, mandalas, and fairy tales can harness archetypal energy created within the therapeutic dyad. Through non-judgmental support and a caring therapeutic relationship, a child’s psyche produces the symbols toward self-healing.

    DVD Reviews:

     "It is evident that Green has advanced JAPT knowledge and skills by his ability to describe the information with ease. . . This DVD should be a staple on the shelves of play therapists and counselor educators." -Play Therapy Magazine

    "Those looking for a thorough and instructive overview of Jungian Play Therapy and Sand Play should look no further. . . The case demonstrations are well chosen and eye-opening, as children use myths, mandalas, and other expressive tools to reveal their psychological development. Dr. Green does an excellent job of conveying the true value and depth of this valuable healing tool.” -Child Therapy Toys