"I loved your workshop using mandalas I cannot wait to use these with my students."- Despena Vasiadis Kiladitis, ASCA National Conference, New Orleans LA, 2016


"Just finished watching a webinar with Dr. Eric Green on disaster response play therapy that left me misty-eyed. Super thankful for all of his contributions in helping people discover their little light buried under the rubble."-- Denise Keeran, Toledo, OH, 2014 

"I write this to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for such a real and down-to-earth course you taught in the past week. I have been away from practicing therapy for a while now. At your classes I felt at home, in my element. Do you do magic or what? It was a true pleasure being at your presence , and I hope to continue to work with you and seek advice and guidance from you."-- Sarah Masood, M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD, 2014

"Dr. Eric Green created a wonderfully protected space for reflection and exploration. Thank you Eric!!"---Anne Stewart, PhD, President, Virginia Association for Play Therapy (VA APT), VA APT's Annual Conference, Harrisonburg, VA, 2014 

"I would just like to say what a wonderful conference we had this weekend. Dr. Eric J Green not only 'presented,' he created an experience for the attendees, and many left feeling they had grown and experienced something not previously felt."-- Mistie Barnes, PhD, President, Mississippi Association for Play Therapy, DSU Play Therapy Institute Annual Summer Conference, Cleveland, MS, 2014

"You are brave and inspiring to do Jungian-oriented work, and I feel massively encouraged by it."-- Ryan Senator, Counselor, Region 10 CSB, Shenandoah Valley, VA, 2014 

"The workshop was truly a wonderful and very spiritual experience for me."-- Megan Wallace, Virginia Association for Play Therapy's 2014 Annual Conference, Warrenton, VA

"Dr. Green is well-respected and sought after... he is a leader in the play therapy field...and one of the top five scholars in the area of Jungian play therapy. Eric established himself as one of the very few who continue to write in this area, providing a consistent voice for the Jungian perspective. His weaving this with trauma work is outstanding. He is able to communicate to the practitioner how to apply theory to the healing of traumatized children, resulting in increased efficacy in the field." ---Dr. Linda Homeyer, Chair and Professor, CLAS, Texas State University at San Marcos, San Marcos, TX, 2013

"Thanks Dr. Eric J Green! You were definitely a hit."-- Deanne Gruenberg, RPT, Selt Esteem Shop (www.selfesteemshop.com), VA APT 2014 Annual Conference, Harrisonburg, VA

"I have seen Dr. Green work directly with children during the Virginia Tech Massacre in April '07.  He immediately puts them and their families at ease to share their fears and apprehensions at their own pace. I watched the face and demeanor of an adolescent change right in front of me as Dr. Green sensitively supported her through her stress within minutes. It was beautiful, heart-warming, and superb. He makes a difference in the lives of children."   ----Ilene Pearce, Faculty Associate, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Counseling, Montgomery County Campus (Rockville, MD), 2012 

 "Thank you for the teaching that you offered at the play therapy conference on Friday in Niagara Falls, Dr. Green…inspiring, practically useful, very helpful. I am just beginning a play therapy practice. What you said will inform what I do. I just kept thinking... this is what I believe, this is how I want to practise, this is the way I want to orient my work."-- Sheila Dorothy Smith, author, "Sandtray, Play, and Storymaking" (Jessica Kingsley Publishers), 2013

"Dr. Eric Green can rightfully be viewed as the leading expert, as well as one of the pioneers, in Jungian Analytical Play Therapy (JAPT). If you have already had the privilege of attending one of Dr. Green’s presentations at APT or another APT branch conference, or the American Counseling Association (ACA), then you know that you’re in for a treat. First time attendees will undoubtedly witness an amazing and talented practitioner in action."-- Dr. Linda Dench, President, Pennsylvania Association for Play Therapy, Allentown, PA, 2011

"I always love to come to Johns Hopkins University--to be able to present with both Eliana (Gil) and Eric (Green) was an extra special treat...great day of training Eric and Eliana! You both are fabulous!" --Dr. David Crenshaw, Rhineback Child and Family Center, Rhineback, NY, 2012

"I am so proud of you, Dr. Green, and all of your accomplishments. I was just looking at your Website, your publications, and your work. You are amazing! And, one of the best things - none of your achievements have changed your down-to-earth, genuine, kindhearted personality." - Sueann Kenney Noziska, MSW, RPT-S, Play Therapy Corner, La Mesa, NM, 2013

"It is my pleasure working with you, Dr. Green, and your UNT Counseling Graduate Student Interns at Kahn Elementary each year.  We truly appreciate all your expertise and for helping some of our youngest students grow and succeed in all aspects of life through the use of play! Thanks for all that you do for our kids here at Kahn!"-- Ms. Kymla Williams, Kindergarten Teacher, Louise Kahn Elementary School, Dallas, TX, 2013


"Dr. Green has the unique ability to present in-depth Jungian Play Therapy along with teaching hands on techniques that are easy to use. His gifts especially shine when he is working directly with children. It was mesmerizing and inspiring to see! He looked so fulfilled when he showed us the pictures of the children he has gone out to serve in these broken communities. I learned about myself through the work that we did at the conference. I pray that I can impact children the way that Dr. Green has, and now I know I have the tools to make that happen." -- Shelly Tokunaga-May, President, Hawaii Association for Play Therapy, 2013


"I think that Dr. Green is such an authentic and passionate clinician that he was able to create the appropriate environment that allowed connecting with the inner self in a safe way. It was a real pleasure to meet him and share his expertise. Thank you, Dr. Green, for your words! I really appreciated you having shared with us your expertise with definitively professional and personal benefit. I am looking forward to going through the pages of your book that I had just received. The seminar definitively made a contribution in my professional life as Dr. Green provided different techniques to apply with my own patients; as well, he modeled interventions through videotapes and demonstrated live examples within the audience." -- Cecilia Belardinelli, M.D., Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, UBHC at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, 2013

"HAPT's 15th annual conference was delightful, enlightening, experiential and informative all at the sametime! Attendees were enraptured by Dr. Eric Green's sessions, which took us into the world of "Analytical Play Therapy: Cultivating a Depth ApproachwithChildren." Everyone came away with new techniques to use and a wealth of information and resources on the analytical approach to play therapy." -- Gina Eustaquio, Conference Co-Chair, Hawaii APT, Honolulu, HI, 2013


"Dr. Green gave us tools we can utilize immediately with our clients and most importantly made us remember why we do what we do. His passion for children and Play therapy is apparent and his interventions insightful and telling (all clinical data ;) as Dr. Green says).  His energy and dynamism are infectious and sincere.   I hope that in the near future we could collaborate with Dr. Green to continue to grow our knowledge of play therapy and expand it in our program."-- Rosanna De JesusMA, Mental Health Clinician, Rutgers UBHCChild and Adolescent Services, Newark, NJ, 2013

"Thank you Dr. Green for providing a meaningful workshop at the Care and Counseling Center of Georgia. The participants were all engaged in the experiential exercises and learned not only about how to provide quality therapy to children, but learned much about themselves as well."-- JoEllen Holmes, LCSW, RPT-S, Care and Counseling Center of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 2013


"Thank you for the last three days of teaching/sharing your breadth & depth of knowledge & experience. It is truly captivating to be the recipient of such wisdom & insight. What I absolutely loved to hear was the excerpts of your work, how you responded, & what your thoughts were on a child's inner world. Reading your articles & books is critical, but one can't replace hearing and feeling the message live and in person from teachers & therapists like you."-- Judith Taylor, Psychologist & Child Play Therapist, Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative Ltd, Camden, New South Wales, Australia, 2013

 "When I tell you I have never felt more prepared for anything in my life believe me.  This job has placed an enormous amount of trust and responsibility in my hands by allowing me to administer play therapy.  Initially I was terrified but I just sucked it up and dove right in. Everyday I felt blessed to be able to spend time with my clients. They are a joy, and you are a intricate part of why I am priveleged to say, "You did that!"  Today I discovered a child who self-injured that I treated for a long period. She was finally able to go home. I did my job, Dr. Green, and I did it well. I would not be able to do that in the capacity that I am now without your presence in my life. So I humbly say thank you for your willingness to share a fraction of your knowledge with me. My life will never be the same."  Tasha Muhammad, M.Ed., Play Therapist, Nexus Recovery Center, Dallas, TX, 2013

"We recently attended the annual Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Conference held at Sea World on the Gold Coast. The conference was a great opportunity to meet with play therapists from all over Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. We particularly enjoyed seeing the keynote speaker, Dr Eric Green from the US, present his work using mandalas (or magic circles) in therapy." -Jacki and Katie, Co-Founders, Mandorla Creative Therapy (Blog), Sydney, Australia, 2013


"Thank you Dr. Green! I enjoyed this experience and appreciated everything you shared with us. Thanks for this amazing two-day workshop. I was a little shy to reach out to you since you were always surrounded by people at breaks. I am relatively new in the field of counseling, just completed my first year of study at Hopkins, and so I am still exploring area(s) that I would like to focus on. Play Therapy is definitely an fascinating area for me, and I am going to take a play therapy class as an elective next semester. Hopefully, I will see you and Dr. Baggerly again some time in the future! And thanks again to you both for this amazing experience."-- James Hsieh, Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Baltimore, MD, 2013 

"I finished reading your chapter in Eliana Gil's book the other night and wanted to write on how moving I felt it was. Particularly when you wrote about "wounded child meeting wounded healer" and that "through recognizing and accepting our own limitations and strengths, we, like the alchemists before us, transmuted the charred rocks into precious elements." Well written. Well said. That feeling of being right where we are supposed to be when these moments occur is entirely fulfilling. Thank you for your work and for allowing others connection to Manny's story." -- Jill Sylvester, M.Ed., LMHC, NCC, Integrative Wellness Services, Hanover, MA,

"I am very excited to announce Dr. Eric Green's release of his Jungian Play Therapy and Sandplay DVD. Bringing a Jungian perspective to my practice and incorporating sandplay and mandalas has been inspirational, eye-opening and healing for myself and my clients. Thank you, Dr. Green, for your awesome contributions to the field of healing!" -- Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT (Pennsylvania)  www.imagerythroughplay.com, 2013

"Dr. Eric Green is a gifted and exceptional individual. His professionalism and his heart have led him to be a leading expert in play therapy. He was an extraordinary colleague and mentor and advocate for students during his time at Johns Hopkins University. Never one to sit back, he is an innovative program developer, and he is a clinician who assures that his clients always have the best he can give, which is considerable."--Dr. Mary Guindon, Former Chair (retired), Johns Hopkins University, Master's in Counseling Program, and author of "Self Esteem Across the Lifespan" (Routledge), 2013 

"Dr Eric Green is an integral part to the identity of our school counselor trainees. He teaches at the beginning portion of our 15-month intensive training program for students. He is responsible for the counseling theories course which serves as the basis for each student's approach to their techniques. Our students then use that knowledge of theory in the next semester as they work with urban youth in schools. For the last 3 years, our students have learned a great deal from Dr. Green. They cherish his teaching style and his personalization of the curriculum to each student's individual level of identity as a counselor." -- Ileana A. Gonzalez, Ph.D., Coordinator, School Counseling Fellows Program, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (2013) 

"Thanks for a great conference. I have had several people contact me with positive feedback. You hit just the right mix of content, examples, and hands on that really fit our group...tough act to follow." -- Dr. John Seymour, Professor of Counseling, Minnesota State University at Mankato, Mankato, Minnesota, 2012

"Dr. Eric Green’s presentation on working with children who have been traumatized using a Jungian perspective was very enlightening and was also filled with experiences that deepened our understanding of this work."--Deb Hickey, PhD, Past-President, South Carolina Association for Play Therapy

"Dr.  Green  was  back to  deliver  an  impassioned lecture on a little-known but effective therapy known as filial therapy. Participants in the lecture learned  how to incorporate filial therapy into their  treatment plans to create a powerful, multimodal intervention. Dr. Green has been a pioneer in this region in promoting rigorous training for child psychotherapists."---Larry Epp, Ed.D, Guide Services, Montgomery County, Rockville, MD, 2008 

"Dr. Green uses his wit, personal humor, and unparalleled fluency in Jungian analytical theory to shed new light on human change processes as they relate to children and families in our culture of growing complexity and sophistication. Through the use of creative and experiental arts, he bridges classical (theory) and current best practices. Whatever your level in the field of human services, you are sure to leave with new insights - professional, personal, or both!"-- Dr. Christine Koehler, Jewish Family Service, Dallas, Texas, 2013

"Dr. Green is a gifted professional whose knowledge, understanding and empathy for the inner life of a child has resulted in many significant contributions to the field of mental health. He has been a voice for those who may not have the words. There are the special few who find a way...and in this case...pave it, for the rest of us...thank you Dr. Green for being a role model for all whose lives you touch."-- Dr. Kim Rubenstein, College Roommate Compatibility Program, Chicago, IL, 2013

"Johns Hopkins Play Therapy Institute has been an integral part of my growth as a play therapist.  I look forward to the dynamic speakers and their clinical knowledge to inform my work every year.  After each weekend studying with Dr. Green and this year, Dr. Baggerly, I leave with a rejuvenated dedication to my clients.  I feel empowered as a clinician and more passionate about my work after participating in the experiential activities, feeling the support of the other play therapists that attend, and having the opportunity to hear the inspirational work of Drs. Green and Baggerly in Moore, OK." -- Rebecca Goldberg, School Social Worker, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Rockville, MD, 2013

"I never heard Eric Green present before and I found his ideas on the use of the Mandala as well as fairy tales as a technique to encourage communication most intriguing and I am very interested in integrating them in my practice. It was also very kind and generous of the presenters to offer Eric's handbook on Mandalas as a present to all attendees...for me the whole experience made me feel very proud to be part of this wonderful field. When it comes to helping children there is no finer calling! Thank you for putting together such a terrific conference". -- Dr. Steven Baron, Rheinbeck Child and Family Center, 2012

"I am honored to have completed my remaining requirements for my RPT by attending your presentation, Dr. Green.  I enjoyed both days and I learned so much! I am grateful for the personal and professional growth that I experienced during the conference. I am particularly appreciative for the new knowledge and skills I gained from the conference because it was helpful immediately!" -- Kris Marowski, M.Ed, LPC, RPT, Whole Life Counseling, Portland, TN, 2012

"Thank you for all that you do for children, Dr. Green. Your dedication to helping all children is touching and inspiring. You literally are changing the world by the work that you do." -- Valerie Palmer, School Couseling Fellow, Johns Hopkins Univeristy, School of Education, Baltimore, MD, 2012

"Great 2 days with Dr. Eric Green... Jungian play therapy... mandalas, fairy tales, sand play... play play play."-- Angie DeBord, Lindsey Wilson College, KY, 2012 

"I enjoyed meeting you, Dr. Green, and I'm glad that I got to attend one of your trainings. You are the Rock Star of the fairy tale!" -- Anthony Holmes, Counselor, Alliance Counseling, Columbia, KY, 2012

"Dr. Baggerly and Dr. Green—they're phenomenal teachers. I don't feel that they're just professors; I think of them as mentors....when a massive disaster occurs such as Hurricane Katrina or the recent earthquake in Japan and children are in need, they (sic) send...Drs. Green & Baggerly. So it's really cool to work under them and to get to learn from them."--Misti Haageman, UNT Dallas Counseling Graduate (M.A.), 2011


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